When reviewing the predicted marketing trends for 2023, one element is continuously recurring: Artificial Intelligence. It is no secret that AI has and will continue to transform life as we know it. Ranging from social media content and e-commerce, to algorithm-based recruitment processes, most of us have already come across the AI landscape in one way or another. According to Forbes, AI use has increased by 270 % over the past four years in various business sectors. This impacts our working environments, and the marketing field is no exception.

New Ways of Content Marketing 

Artificial Intelligence continues to transform various marketing forms including advertising, public relations, and email marketing. One marketing form heavily impacted by AI is content marketing. With the help of AI, the traditional ways of content creation, distribution, and consumption will change. Automation will facilitate the creation of more engaging and attractive content way faster than before, saving creators time, money, and energy. With AI, creators can also increase their reach with suggested content specifically targeting their audience as well as measuring and optimizing content and user interactions for insights.

AI tools for marketers

Furthermore, AI technology tools possess many skills that used to be reserved for human marketers. For example, ChatGPT from OpenAI is a natural language processing technology that generates human-like messages. This tool can assist marketers in automating high-quality interactions and personalized conversations with customers, answering inquiries without stale robot-like responses. The ChatGPT can be used to accurately answer routine FAQs, engage interactively in marketing campaigns, and be trained to provide detailed information on specific products or services. Overall, it will help brands create a high-quality customer experience.

Another groundbreaking AI tool that will impact marketing is MidJourney. MidJourney transforms written texts into visual images. This allows marketing professionals to create unique creatives tailored to their specific target audience in an efficient and creative way.

Embracing the technology

By utilizing tools like these, some people might fear that a substantial part of their job will be lost to automation. However, another perspective provides that these tools will help marketers focus their efforts on more complex ideas and strategies that were previously unattainable. By letting AI handle some aspects of the work, marketers can now gain the possibility to strategize and find even more creative solutions. Therefore, viewing machine learning as an assistant rather than a competitor is way more beneficial.

AI technologies are advancing in many fields and their use will continue to grow in marketing in 2023 and onwards. The adoption of AI tools is inevitable whether we like it or not and the only way to keep up with these modern-day changes is to master them. Today’s marketing professionals will increasingly need to upskill and improve their AI literacy to grasp the significance of this technology. The next generation of marketers will need to embrace AI as a natural component of their work or else they will be left behind. AI is here to stay and by mastering it, we can use it to our advantage.