As consumers, we are all bombarded with thousands of advertisements, marketing campaigns, and commercials on a daily basis. They are on billboards, at bus stops, on our phones, and on our radios. But which ones do we actually remember? The creative ones. The ones that make us think, make us laugh, or make us feel something. That’s why creativity is the most important aspect of marketing today. In a sea of brands, companies must be able to stand out and show out. Having a great product or amazing service is not enough anymore. That’s where creativity comes into the picture.

Creativity is the differentiating factor

Creativity is and has always been a vital quality of a marketer. It is what separates a good marketer from a great marketer. However, in today’s climate, especially with the rise of social media, the need for creativity is more crucial than ever. Consumers’ attention span is getting shorter while their demand for engaging marketing is getting higher. Therefore, the demand for marketers to be creative and think “outside of the box” is also increasing. Traditional marketing focuses on strategy, tactics, and techniques, while creative marketing focuses on catching attention and evoking emotions. To be successful today, companies need a mixture of both. 

Innovative branding makes you memorable

One major area you need to demonstrate creativity is your branding. The branding of a company is how it portrays itself to the world. Branding is the perception customers have of the brand in their minds. The challenge is to create a brand that is unique and offers value different from other brands in the market. You want to make a memorable impression and that is done by innovative, creative branding efforts. That means incorporating things like music, humor, interactive content, and more. You want people to be able to recognize and positively associate with your brand.

Showcase creativity with your design

Design is another aspect where creativity is essential. As humans, we are highly visual beings; we like visually appealing things. For that reason, our marketing designs need to provide a distinctive visual element to our brand. It provides the opportunity for potential customers to associate the brand with something visually captivating. Everything from a well-designed logo and website layout to eye-catching images and campaigns, can create a huge difference for a brand as it attracts more customers.

Brainstorm to ignite creative thinking

A great way to spark creativity is with brainstorming. It is easy to get stuck and run dry on new innovative ideas for your brand. Brainstorming is a great technique to facilitate creative thinking and generate new concepts. It can be done in a team or alone, but the main idea is to generate as many ideas as possible without any constraints, even if they may seem unrealistic or a bit insane at first. From there, you can piggyback on others’ ideas, which will hopefully result in a winning concept in the end.

To be a marketer today means that you need to be able to be innovative and creative. Brands must compete for the attention of consumers and the only way to do that is to stand out with remarkable, one-of-a-kind branding and marketing. Engage your customers with visuals, interactive content, and thought-provoking campaigns that connect them emotionally. Be memorable, be unique, and most importantly – don’t be boring!